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May 01, 2024
By Kush Hinduja
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Embracing Change: A Journey of Growth, Solitude and Solo Adventures

The comfort of our childhood often shields us from the realities of adulthood. From meals appearing magically on the table, to the house being tidied up without lifting a finger, the cocoon of familial care envelops us in a world where responsibilities are but distant concepts. Grocery shopping? What’s that? The refrigerator and pantry seem to manage quite effortlessly, always stocked with one’s favourite treats as if by enchantment.

Our mother’s nurturing care shapes our culinary preferences, very often prioritizing our taste and liking over that of others (read adults) in the family. If a meal isn’t to our taste, she whips up something in a jiffy, ensuring we don’t go to bed hungry (and upset).

However, as years pass and we tread the path of growing up, a desire for independence simmers within. The idea of forging our own path, free from parental guidance, becomes irresistible. We long to explore life beyond the boundaries of our home, where privacy is highly regarded. Thus, when the opportunity to move out presents itself, we grasp it eagerly, excited to taste the sweet fruit of independence. It’s a rite of passage, a declaration to the world that we are ready to carve our own path, make our own decisions, and shoulder responsibilities that come with adulthood.

The transition from the familiar comforts of home, to the streets of a new city marks a significant journey for many. The excitement of a fresh start often intertwines with the challenges of bidding farewell to the familiar. Leaving home stirs a mix of emotions, blending the bittersweet taste of independence with the ache of missing family and friends. Such experiences quickly illuminate the various challenges that accompany independent living, fostering growth and self-discovery along the way.

Amidst the newfound freedom of living alone, homesickness can hit unexpectedly. In those moments, waves of longing for the warmth of family gatherings and the laughter of cherished friends wash over, leaving a lingering sense of loneliness. There’s a sadness in missing out on birthdays and anniversaries of friends and loved ones, wanting to be there in person, but having to settle for a video call instead. While technology allows virtual connections and distant conversations, there’s a unique comfort in physical presence that cannot be replicated. Despite the distance, the anticipation of the next visit home becomes a beacon of hope, a reminder that while the ache of missing loved ones may linger, there’s solace in knowing that reunions and shared moments of joy await on the horizon.

Weekdays at work breeze by, but some weekends bring a tinge of loneliness. In the solitude, one cannot help but reflect on how some friendships, like true anchors, stay strong despite the distance; while some are contingent on proximity and thrive only when tended to every day – else, they wither and fade into the background, leaving you to wonder whether the “friendship” ever meant anything beyond routine interactions. Like an unknown author said, people come into your life either for a reason, or a season, or a lifetime. Living away teaches the dynamics of many relationships. Through this experience, one learns to appreciate the enduring presence of true friends who stick around regardless, while cherishing the memories of those who gracefully fade into the past.

From learning to budget, to mastering the art of grocery shopping, the initial months are sure to be a rollercoaster of growth. Who had imagined adulting would involve so many spreadsheets? House hunting? A task and a half! It’s a delicate dance between compromise and wishful thinking. From the cozy apartments, to the studios, the options seem endless. Yet, finding the one that checks all (at least most of all!) the boxes is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Amidst the challenges, the daily routine of independent living becomes lessons in responsibility. Mastering the art of making the bed and doing laundry brings a sense of self-sufficiency. These mundane tasks, once ‘outsourced’, symbolize tangible growth in the newfound independence.

Amidst the homesickness and language barrier, there’s a glimmer of hope – the opportunity to embrace the unknown, to learn and grow in ways never imagined. With each stumbling conversation and missed bus stop, there’s a lesson in resilience and adaptability. And slowly, as the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months, the unfamiliarity of the city starts to dissolve some more. This is sure to be a transformative journey, with an undeniable thrill of exploring new places and embracing the unfamiliar. Each corner turned, every street walked, and every new face encountered is a chapter in the exciting novel of personal growth.

And then there’s the realization that it’s absolutely okay to do things alone. Eating in a restaurant, watching a movie – solo adventures do have their own charm. Here’s to the highs and lows, missing home-cooked meals, and discovering beauty in the uncomfortable.

Embracing the change unfolds as a gradual process, highlighting the fact that it is indeed the only constant. Through this journey, a previously unrecognized resilience is discovered. To all navigating a new chapter away from home – here’s a shoutout – go on, chase those dreams, embrace those uncertainties, create your own path, persevere and celebrate every victory – big or small.

About Kush:

Kush is a new member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), bringing with him a background in internal audit. Currently, he contributes to the GRCS team at a Big4 firm. Beyond the confines of his professional pursuits, Kush is passionate about baking and cooking. He is also an avid traveller.

Having recently embarked on a journey of relocation to a new city, this is the first piece of writing he has tried wherein he candidly shares insights on what he’s learned from living on his own, facing both tough times and successes.

He can be reached on

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