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Founded just six days after the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in the year 1949, the BCAS is, in many ways, the torchbearer for the profession.

With an intent to inspire and nurture the professional spirit within its members, BCAS introduced novel features such as the long-term residential and non-residential refresher courses, the lecture meetings, the study circles, the workshops, the Referencer, the BCA Journal, publications. BCAS provides its membership base access to a sustainable, cutting edge and holistic learning platform, underlined by a reliable and knowledgeable network to confer and synergise with.

A fountainhead of consistent professional enrichment opportunities, BCAS is justifiably proud of its enduring legacy. BCAS’ underlying strength is a committed section of its members, the Core Group, drawn from varied backgrounds, experiences, and age groups. A living example of the adage ‘Unity in Diversity’, the Core Group brims with maturity and knowledge, vitality and freshness. This amalgamation stimulates a feeling of oneness and commitment to a shared goal – of making every program and publication of BCAS enhancing and insightful for its members. The BCAS fabric woven ever so lovingly by our Founding Fathers has withstood the test of time and continues to provide sustenance to all those who come within its fold.