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April 01, 2024
By Srinidhi Vinod
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In the sacred chambers of every soul, an epic battle echoes – a relentless clash between the noble might of Ram and the intricate complexities of Ravana, declaring in unison, “We’ve all got a Ram and a Ravana inside us; the choice, the thunderous roar of destiny lies in which force we empower.”

When discussions twirl around the eternal battle of light versus dark, my mind invariably turns to the legendary tale of Ram and Ravana in the Ramayana. The dance of dualities finds its rhythm in this narrative, illustrating not only the age-old battle of good versus evil but also serving as an exploration into human nature and psychology. Within each of us, there exists the potential to sway towards the light or the dark – to empower the virtuous Ram or the mischievous Ravana within. Our true strength lies in our willingness to consciously choose to be better.

Amidst the trending personality quizzes, let us give a nod to Carl Jung, for attempting to map the human psyche as broadly as possible. He wisely put it:

“To be quite accurate, human nature is simply what it is; it has its dark and its light sides. The sum of all colours is grey – light on a dark background or dark on light.”

Born in the sunny island of Sri Lanka to a sage, Ravana was not just a mischievous demon king. No, indeed! He wore the crown of a king, the laurels of a scholarly genius, the mantle of an extraordinary ruler, and even the hat of a veena maestro. Talk about having a multi-talented villain in the neighbourhood! But alas, despite his intellectual prowess and multitasking finesse, he struggled to implement his vast knowledge. It is akin to possessing a palette of vibrant neon colours, but choosing only shades of grey to paint your canvas.

In the grand scheme of things, Ravana emerges as a character painted in hues of grey, much like the rest of us. But here is the kicker – his evil deeds spoke a lot louder than his knowledge, etching his name in history as a symbol of darkness. Exactly what Albus Dumbledore meant when he said, “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”.

In our internal tug-of-war, where virtues and vices engage in a waltz of profound complexity, let us delve into transformative self-help insights, guiding the human psyche through the entwined narratives of Ram and Ravana as they share the stage, throwing not only punches but also thought-provoking punchlines.

Embrace your inner Ram and Ravana: Begin the journey of self-discovery by embracing the profound co-existence of light and dark within. Self-help embarks on a transformative path, encouraging us to embrace the entirety of our being, recognising the noble virtues akin to Ram and the complex intricacies reminiscent of Ravana. Your inner Ravana should no longer be shrouded in secrecy – the shadows within should no longer be branded as inherent evil. Instead, they are the facets of human experience that, when recognised and accepted, foster profound understanding, promoting personal growth and resilience. Time to witness the unexpected alliance of Ram and Ravana – shaking hands with each other – they are in a tag team like no other!

Conscious Choice – The VIP section of Destiny’s Nightclub: The legacy we leave is crafted through the choices we make. Enter the realm of wisdom as Dumbledore reemerges. No, he is not pulling any rabbits out of hats; he is pulling profound wisdom out of his sleeves. Your abilities are the show props, but the real magic lies in the choices you make, evoking thunderous applause from the audience! Ravana did possess the show props, but his magic show never met success!

Dive into the realm of conscious decision-making, where self-help prompts us to recognize that true strength lies in our ability to make choices that align with our higher virtues. Picture yourself in the VIP section of Destiny’s Nightclub, making conscious choices while sipping on wisdom cocktails. And the Club’s ideal bouncer? The Ram inside you – ensuring that only the virtuous get past the velvet rope. Because who wants the mischievous Ravana causing chaos in the VIP lounge of your life?

Ravana’s Internal Struggles- A Cautionary Tale in Self-Help: Reflect on Ravana’s narrative as a cautionary tale within the self-help paradigm. What cast him as the villain of the story? Were his traits influenced by the stains left on his soul through trials like Vedavathi’s curse, weaving a web of guilt and remorse? Perhaps it was the strained relationship with his brother Vibhishana, marked by betrayal and dissent, or the loss of Mandodari’s unwavering support and understanding. Did Ravana require a PhD in internal chaos management, and could therapy have been the solution? Does not that leave us pondering whether such interventions could have genuinely altered the trajectory of Ravana’s character?

Now, asking for help might sound scarier than a horror movie marathon, but hey, even Ravana could have used a little therapy. Admitting you need help may demand an extraordinary amount of courage and strength, but the transformative power it holds can reshape your life for the better. Embrace the opportunity to rewrite your story or to give it a better ending, because why not – your life could probably use a few plot twists along the way!

Mindful Living – The VIP Backstage Pass: Mindful living is not just a backstage pass; it is the VIP backstage pass to the concert of your life! Integrate the lessons learned from Ram and Ravana’s dance into daily life. Mindful living, a cornerstone of self-help, involves being present in every decision, acknowledging the dance of dualities within, and aligning actions with the values that lead to personal fulfilment and growth. In your grand journey, find solace in the awareness that every thread, every choice weaves a narrative uniquely yours – an epic worthy of celestial archives!

In the wise words of Sirius Black, “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” So, choose your dance moves wisely, because my friend, you are not just the dancer; you are the choreographer of your destiny!

May your journey be filled with your choice of punchlines, plot twists that align with your virtues and a standing ovation for the lead dancer – you!

About the author:

Srinidhi Vinod, a B. Com graduate is currently on her quest to conquer the realm of Chartered Accountancy, undergoing articleship at a leading audit firm in Coimbatore. Beyond the rigours of number crunching, she harbours a deep passion for art, finding pure joy in creative pursuits. Diving into the magical world of literature, she finds refuge in the spellbinding tales of Harry Potter. She also delights in embarking on culinary adventures, earning her the title of a foodie. Her love for reading and travel serve as the wind beneath her curious wings to unravel the world around her.

She can be reached on

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