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September 01, 2022
By Ms. Prema Salian
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The Divine Connect

The Divine Connect! It is about experiencing the Divine! You may call it God, the Universe or by any other name.

Does it sound complex or something that requires a lot of effort? Well, I don’t think so.

It is always around us. The DIVINE is in all things!

Nature never ceases to amaze! It is always available in abundance throughout the year, for each one of us – to get inspired by the divinity, irrespective of our traits of an early bird or a nocturnal owl Smile

I experience this abundance when I look at, hear or experience the beauty of nature – be it the sun, the moon, the stars, sea, trees, flowers, birds, clouds, rain, a calm breeze brushing across my face… frankly, the list is unending. I feel awe, wonder and a deep sense of gratitude when I stop and pay attention to this natural world, be it tiny, intricate, huge or breath-taking. Truly, nature never ceases to amaze.

In the lap of nature, very often, a sense of peace and calm washes over me. At times though, there is a sense of being in the presence of something powerful and strong or being free and independent.

In our lives, we constantly adapt to many contrasting environments and overcome many challenges and obstacles – evolving to become stronger as we learn and grow. Nature is where we find solitude, strength, beauty, and healing. It is a reminder of both our mortality and, also of our resilience.

Though I have always been a morning person, it took me decades to appreciate the MAGICAL HOURS OF DAWN AND SUNRISE. This has been one of the greatest blessings for me. For the greater part of my life, I was oblivious to the astounding beauty of nature unfold every morning. It took me decades to be enlightened. The irony of how this happened is not lost on me, it was only after I shifted into my new residence, which is in a high-rise apartment with 180 degrees of awesome view, did it ‘dawn on me’ (pun intended!).

Uncertainty can often be scary, but at sunrise, the uncertainty is luminous. Watching the sun rise every single day has helped me see the light within myself, the potential, possibility, peace, and the feeling that ‘all will be well’. The crack of dawn feels like a new beginning, as if I am starting (my) life all over again, having discarded all anger, envy, and tiredness from the day before.

For some years now, I have been starting my day watching the spectacle unfold every morning as the sun rises. As I watch the changes in the hue, I am filled with a sudden calmness of the mind, (with) my senses captivated by the beauty and mystery of nature. The focus shifts from mindless thoughts that typically cloud the mind, to a heightened level of sensory awareness. I have often found myself tearing up with gratitude and pure unadulterated joy.

Studies have proven that this divine interaction with nature helps combat depression, anxiety, stress, and anger, and generally boosts the psychological wellbeing of a person. To me, it is the quickest medium to bounce back with positivity. The bounties of nature are available to all, to help us lead a happy and content life.

I capture these celestial moments in my little camera and trust me, just like no two days are the same, no two shots have ever been the same, no two sunrises have ever been the same. The sunrise reminds me of new beginnings, hope for a better day, and the opportunity to learn and grow. It is proof that no matter what happens in life, every day can start afresh beautifully with a good attitude, positivity, and gratitude. It inspires, energises, renews and gives hope.

Of course, I had to share this treasure with my near and dear ones. I wanted everyone in my circle to begin their day with the glimpse of the magical sunrise, so I started sharing those magical moments accompanied by a motivating and inspiring quote. My offerings started garnering appreciation and it has now become a way of life. It has resulted in a chain effect, with my friends, in turn, sharing them ahead with those in their network. It gives me great joy to know that I have, in my own little way, revealed the beauty of the sunrise to so many. This reminds me of a Shakespearean quote, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”.

Our life is full of such treasures, which we either do not realise or take for granted. It really does not matter whether it is tiny or huge. We must be grateful and humble and share them with our circle.

I feel truly blessed at the very glimpse of divine nature as that magical moment engulfs so much happiness in the purest and divine form. Sharing this happiness is the humblest step towards spreading the morning magic around.

Sharing is a wonderful thing, both for the receiver and the giver. Each one of us has been showered with unique blessings by the Almighty GOD. If we share our happiness and blessings with one another, it multiplies manifolds. And yes, each one of us can a make a difference in our very own little way and spread Love, Joy, Happiness around!


About: Ms. Prema Salian,

Prema is a core IT professional and a go-getter who never gives up on Hope! She is a firm believer of the Laws of the Universe and a naturalist, a dreamer, always brimming with joy and creative ideas and spreading joy and happiness around in her own little ways.

She can be reached on :

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