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March 01, 2024
By Naz Chougley
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Most use ‘worthiness’ as a fancy concept, but few dig deep to understand what’s hidden beneath something so powerful. As evident, unworthiness is a malady which afflicts all mankind. As an age-old epidemic, it creeps into the system, feeding on the ego since forever.

In these modern times, every person suffers from the perils of competition and comparison, which makes one feel unworthy of fully expressing their uniqueness. Consequently, we all become perpetual doers trying to prove our worth by stressing/ stretching to gather accolades and appreciations from significant others.

It’s obvious that only the ego wins in such a battle against oneself. Sadly, our value is measured by what we do rather than Who We Are. Intrinsically, this is how our society conditions us, preparing us for failure and disappointments. Strangely, in the name of hard work, we begin attracting hardships, primarily because we believe that we are unworthy of success if we haven’t struggled enough.

Not surprising, the statistics for unworthiness felt by women far exceeds that felt by men, as a woman’s threshold for endurance is way higher than her counterpart’s. Women are ranked somewhere at the lower bottom on the scale of worthiness. Interestingly, women are themselves responsible for getting to this stage, because undoubtedly, they are good at doubting their whole purpose and existence. So, what really is unworthiness and why is it particularly of concern for women! Let’s explore the broad spectrum of how it has damaged the core essence of the female fraternity.

As children, we are all born worthy, experiencing the Self as pure consciousness. However, education and conditioning create the idea of separation from Source. Soon, we start investing our powers in others and adhering to their commands, believing that everybody else knows what is best for us, other than our own selves. For a woman, this manipulation begins rather early because she is made to believe that she is inferior to a man.

The interesting thing to note here is that a woman always knows that she is being trampled upon, misjudged and also misled, but the courage to stand up for who she is always takes a back seat. The question here is, when will a woman show up to honour her wellbeing and embrace her femininity?

The truth is that women are positioned at the leading edge of the universe, representing Mother Earth, the Shakti, which is the seat of manifestation. Wouldn’t it be great if women begin seeing themselves for who they are, and claim what’s theirs to celebrate and cherish? It’s crucial that the Kundalini is awakened so this power operates at its highest potential and guides humankind towards their evolution.

The time is now and the job is ours to do. Many will crumble under the fear of opening up to Source because our treasure has long been hidden from us, hence women are known to belittle themselves, not knowing that it’s a disgrace to not celebrate the feminine energy. As the woman breathes life into matter, it’s her privilege to rise before the sun and embrace her own light.

Dear Woman, are you ready for such a destiny that calls for you to prioritise your purpose over your personal agendas? For only those women will be deemed Heros in the truest sense, and who are ready to be christened as Goddesses.

Claiming one’s worthiness is not a battle to be fought where others stand across the fence. It’s not a war outside, but it certainly is a war within. If women are done shadowing others, then they must know that they would have to create breakthroughs in the way they perceive the world.

Most women are busy victimising themselves and in doing so, they play small, satisfied as being the ones who sacrifice. Morality overpowers authenticity every single time. It’s important to recognise that when a woman seeks attention by playing ‘poor me’, she compromises on her dignity by choosing a poor substitute instead of declaring that She exists.

As women, we need to let the world know that we have the power to alter destinies. Many fight for women empowerment, but only those who believe that they are not empowered join the clan. Here is where we need to change gears.

Are we ready to believe that we are equal?

A woman doesn’t have to fight for her worthiness, she IS worthy. She only has to Believe that She Is. This will require not just courage but also commitment to rise above the conditioning of treating the self as secondary. And to do that, we’d need to fight the demons of our own minds. Indeed, it is the mind that needs an overhaul! Our minds are our creative tools and once we alter the hardened neurological pathways, the universe will oblige the Devi within. Nothing comes in our way as much as we do. This is the seeming challenge to conquer.

There are umpteen ways that can be exemplified as a ‘To Do List’ for a woman to follow, so she feels worthy. But that’s not the focus here. Nor are we suggesting any pills on worthiness. This article is a wake-up call to all the beautiful women who need to awaken to their own inner power and inner beauty, so as to recognise that they are the Source of their own joy, love and peace. That they need nothing to complete themselves for they are whole and complete already.

This is a reminder to every Parvati, that her Shiva is within her and she can feel safe and secure in her own Being. This is for You and Me to know and believe that we are magnificent and our hearts are abodes of divine love. And when it comes to worthiness, it’s now totally up to us to honour it. We can’t wait any longer for somebody to announce it to us.

Claiming our worthiness is about creating a vibrational shift in the way we feel about ourselves. And if we have to bring that shift today, then we will have to claim the Divine feminine and appreciate that we are made in the image and likeness of Maa Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. If this isn’t enough for us to awaken to our true identity, then what is?


About : Naz Chougley

Naz is an Aspirations Coach, an Emotional Therapist and a Meditation Teacher with over 20 years of experience. Her expertise involves providing perspectives beyond the confines of the logical mind, to support working professionals as well as individuals across all age groups. As a Law of Attraction Teacher, she helps people question their limiting beliefs, aspire higher and set intentions for personal evolution. She instils the values of gratitude, surrenderance, humility, acceptance, appreciation and present moment awareness. Her purpose is to enhance the wellbeing of people and enable them to recognise their worthiness, so they can attract their personal abundance.

Naz can be reached on

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