Direct Tax Home Refresher Course – 5 Know More
August 24, 2016
By Dr. Lee Frederiksen, Ph.D in a fireside chat with Mr. Nishith Desai
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“Experts Chat@ BCAS – Sharing Insights” on Winning in the Global Marketplace

December 13, 2022
By Huzeifa I. Unwala

Internal Auditing – Venturing beyond mandated boundaries

September 07, 2022
By Nandita Parekh

P.S. Have you fastened your seat belt?

April 01, 2022
By Uday Sathaye

Organising BCAS RRC – Learnings for Internal Audit

March 02, 2022
By Mitalee Chovatia

A bag full of ideas… An Internal Auditor’s journey

January 03, 2022
By Nandita Parekh

Internal Audit: A Case for Advocacy