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Society News for month of February 2023



At BCAS, a constant endeavour is always underway to exceed the expectations of its members and continue to remain a preferred professional development body for Chartered Accountants. The BCAS legacy over the last 70+ years has been enamoured by its ability to evolve with changing times and remaining extremely relevant to its ever-evolving community.

At the Society various initiatives are underway and few mentioned below have fructified over the last months:

1. Revamped audio-visual infrastructure at BCAS Auditorium:

Modern-day learning delivery environment is significantly different in comparison to the earlier times. This difference was further accentuated by the Covid-19 pandemic which made adoption of digital learning a common-place. BCAS is blessed to be one of the few professional societies of Chartered Accountants to have its own physical auditorium to conduct live events. Over the last few months the entire audio-visual infrastructure at the BCAS auditorium has been revamped by addition of state-of-the-art 4K LED visual screens, hybrid classroom infrastructure, studio-quality voice and sound equipment, surround-sound microphones, teleprompter and multiple point-and-zoom cameras.

These upgradations have significantly improved the learning delivery capabilities from the BCAS Auditorium. Members are encouraged to attend an in-person event at the BCAS Auditorium and experience the new-age digital infrastructure.

This hybrid infrastructure is also available for use to members who choose to make use the BCAS Auditorium for their own learning events.

2. Self-paced learning through E-Learn initiative:

Self-paced learning courses and event recordings are available through the E-Learn learning management initiative of BCAS. Members can now access a catalogue of courses and event recordings by accessing the E-Learn module. The E-Learn platform opens up the BCAS learning content to its large base on outstation members as well.

3. WhatsApp communication with members:

WhatsApp has today become the de-facto choice of quick communication. BCAS has initiated an additional communication channel with its members through WhatsApp. A right balance of quick communication and respecting member privacy will be embedded in the WhatsApp communication initiative.

Once you receive any BCAS WhatsApp message, do save the senders phone number in your mobile address book. This will help in seamless communication moving forward.

4. BCAS back-office on cloud infrastructure:

The Society is able to deliver on its objectives owing to a strong back-office team at the BCAS office. The BCAS office staff comprises a team of more than 20 committed individuals who work diligently to serve the large BCAS membership. With an objective to enable the key departmental heads at BCAS to seamlessly perform their roles, each of them have now unhindered access to Microsoft cloud infrastructure equipping them with seamless access to data, co-creation collaboration and backup capabilities.

5. QR Code and UPI payment functionality:

In a recent initiative, BCAS has enabled receiving payment through QR code as well as through UPI. This functionality is enabled at BCAS front office reception as well as the publication kiosks at the event location.



Under the auspices of the HRD Committee of the Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society (BCAS), the Students’ Committee organized the 15th Jal Erach Dastur CA Students’ Annual Day competition from 24th December, 2022 to 8th January, 2023.

Described as an ecstatic annual CA students’ celeberation, Tarang 2k23 was engaging, enthralling and magnificent. Under the requisite guidance of CA Anand Kothari, CA Jigar Shah, CA Dnyanesh Patade and CA Utsav Shah, Tarangs mainly intended to provide a platform for CA students to unleash their talent and creativity in areas of public speaking, writing skills, performing arts, business, technical and innovative skills. Additionally, the event also intended to act as an insight and potential gateway into the real world outside academic books by providing access and tutelage by skilled and experienced leaders in the form of participation in various fields to building interpersonal relations and network with hundreds of like-minded students.

This year’s Students’ Committee comprised a group of 31 passionate and enthusiastic students. Tarang 2k23 changed the earlier dull and monotonous perception of the CA students as they were now being witnessed as event managers, anchors, talented dancers, and photographers too!

It was truly an event ‘Of CA Students, By CA Students and For CA students.’

Tarang 2k23 saw a huge enrollment of around 500 students despite the Christmas holidays and pending due dates. Overall 279 students participated in the event along with the highest number of participants witnessed in the ‘Talent Show’ and the ‘Antakshari Competition.’ This year Tarang 2k23 also introduced the revolutionary event “CA’Preneur – Pitch Your Business Ideas,” whose concept was taken from the popular TV show, ‘Shark Tank India’ to promote thinking, problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills amongst CA students. The event received huge enrollments along with some amazing ideas being pitched to the judges.

The elimination rounds of the 15th Jal Erach Dastur CA Students’ Annual Day – ‘Tarang 2K23’ were held at the BCAS Hall on the 24th and 25th, December, 2022 with the beautiful Christmas themed décor to give the participants a joyful vibe. To keep the crowd engaged, the students’ team organized various online games and networking sessions including the Tarang’s Networking Bingo and an intriguing Quiz via the Zoom platform two days prior to the grand finale day. This provided a unique opportunity to all participants to build a productive and constructive network along with a lot of fun too.

The Grand Finale of Tarang 2k23 was held at the Lala Lajpat Rai College Auditorium on 8th January, 2023. Vahura and IDFC Bank sponsored the winners’ prizes for various games and quizzes held online. Arrangements for various exciting game stalls, live caricatures and a 360° photobooth were made to engage and build excitement amongst the audience before the event’s commencement.

The grand finale commenced with the lighting of lamp by the HRD Committee and the student coordinators with the Ganesh Vandana and Saraswati Vandana being played in the background

The event kickstarted with a ‘Antakshari Competition’, where the two finalist teams namely, ‘Deewane’ and ‘Parwane’ competed on the stage. The event comprised engrossing rounds to test the presence of mind the sound musical knowledge of the participants. It was hosted by CA Vijay Bhatt.

The next event to follow was a Debate Competition with eight finalists. The moderator for this event, titled, “Traditional Indian educational system of Gurukul was more effective than today’s Universities,” was CA Ujjwal Gadhvi. The tagline for the Debate was “War of Words.”

This event was followed by the ‘Talk Hawk,’ sponsored by the Chandanben Maganlal Bhatt Elocution Fund. Here, three finalists were given four minutes to speak on any one of the 10 given topics.

This was followed by a short 15 minutes break after which Tarang 2k23 resumed with a blissful and soothing jamming session with some beautiful lyrical songs sung by the students’ team. This was followed by an energetic and well-coordinated Bollywood dance flash mob choreographed by CA Rishikesh Joshi.

The most anticipated event of the evening, CA’s Got Talent! included 12 performances by the finalists in all three categories including – music which included vocals as well as instrumental, dancing and the other performing arts category.

This was followed by a short 2-minute video which was a compilation of the past 14 years of the event Tarang.

The concluding valedictory session started with the displaying of the compilation of business ideas of the contestants of the CA’Preneur competition.

Post that the winning reels and the pictures of the Tarang Reel Star and the Khinch Le Photography Competition were displayed on the screen. Two prizes, in each of the two categories; namely, the Public Choice Award and the Judges’ Choice Award, were given.

The winners of the competition representing their firms were also announced.

The event was anchored by Ekta Singh, Krrish Pipaliya and Nikita Sahu, who ensured an environment full of spirit, vigor and humor.

Mayur Pandya and Sagar Gupta proposed the vote of thanks to Sohrab Erach Dastur, the family of Chandanben Maganlal Bhatt, Managing Committee and HRD Committee members, event coordinators, photographers, BCAS Staff, parents, sound technicians, student volunteers, CA students and the audience.

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