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Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society organised an online lecture meeting on the topic ‘Challenges in Implementation of Audit Quality Maturity Model (AQMM) on 20th February. 2023. The meeting was attended by over 150 participants.

CA Durgesh Kabra shared the history and need of AQMM, its phase-wise applicability to various firms, benefits of self-evaluation vis-à-vis evaluation by peer reviewer, overview and weightage of various sections and sub-sections in the AQMM.

CA N. Jayendran, commenced his session by sharing the advantages of AQMM for practising units. He shared the process to re-assess AQMM, fees for review by peer reviewer. He shared his views on some of the challenges in the implementation of AQMM especially for SME firms:

    • Weightage of various aspects in score card like HR, qualitative aspects, etc


    • Negative scoring on regulatory action for unsatisfactory work by a regulator


  • Same set of questions repeated leading to incorrect assessment


  • Vision and mission statement may become surrogate advertising


  • Low weightage of 1.33 per cent to audit manual despite it being necessary for quality audit compared to good internet connection having weightage of 15 per cent


  • Maintenance of records for low value small audit


  • Lack of clarity on score where no QRB audit has been conducted during the period


  • Evaluation of questions on client disputes, IP-based attendance monitoring, data security and cyber security, adherence with minimum scale of fees for small and miscellaneous work


  • Budgeting and monitoring tools for smaller firms


  • Dedicated help desk lacks clarity


  • Maintaining Partner to manger ratio, minimum staff to partner ratio, manager to article ratio, client to staff ratio, etc


  • Focused policies for support for staff wellbeing, engagement and communication, gender diversity, credible employee survey, compensation management.


CA N. Jayendra appreciated the overall benefit that would accrue with this exercise despite various initial challenges in implementation of AQMM.

Both the speakers satisfactorily addressed the queries raised by the participants.

BCAS Lecture Meetings are high-quality professional development sessions which are open-to-all to attend and participate. Missed the Lecture Meeting, but still interested in viewing the entire meeting video

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The Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society organised a session on identifying potentially dangerous people on the basis of their facial features. Conducted under the aegis of the Human Resources Development Study Circle on 14th February, 2023 the hybrid session included presentation on reading ‘Red Flags on Face – An Iota of Alertness Can Avert a Potentially Dangerous Situation.’ by Naresh Kokal.Attended by 78 people, session at the Churchgate premises of BCAS started by pictures of visages of Asuras/Demons, created by artisans of India, and depiction of ferocity in the images. The eyes and surrounding areas, displayed the inherent brutality of the face.

In the subsequent slides of pictures of leaders – Indian & Foreign, celebrities,  politicians and underworld dons, it was demonstrated that the browbones, eyebrows, eyes, chin and jaws account for the barbarity.

The browbones show the need to control others. The eyebrows, the passion, energy and leadership qualities

The eyes show the heart in general, the size of the iris and sclera shows the state of the mind. The Chin shows the willpower. A broad chin is usually noticed on Dictators.

The Jaws show determination. They show the resoluteness. They also point to the potential terror that these people can unleash. The session ended on the note that although these signs show a dangerous person, they could also be found on Successful Entrepreneurs.

This was followed by Q & A session, where the attendees asked their questions which were answered.

The session ended with the Chairman thanking Naresh Kokal for the presentation.

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The Corporate and Commercial Laws Study Group convened a session on Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act and concomitant provisions related to prosecution for cheque bouncing on 13th February, 2023. Titled, “Prosecution for cheque bouncing: Overview of the law, issues and solutions,” the session was led by speaker Adv. Kartik Garg who took the participants through detailed notes on the law and judgments under each provision. He explained the concepts in a lucid manner. In fact, the notes were of such sterling quality and were so exhaustive that no more oral explanation was required.  After the session these notes were circulated amongst the participants. Around 55 participants attended the session. Further sessions on other white collar criminal topics are in the process of being scheduled.



The Society organised a public lecture meeting on ‘Direct Tax Provisions of the Finance Bill 2023.’ Addressed by CA Pinakin Desai, the meeting was held at Yogi Sabhagruha on 7th February, 2023. This was the 5th lecture meeting by him and the 58th of the Society.The lecture meeting was live streamed and witnessed by more than 5,000 persons including online viewers. CA Mihir Sheth, President, BCAS welcomed and shared his thoughts about the Budget. He then invited CA Chirag Doshi, Vice President to introduce the speaker.

Mr. Desai started his speech by appreciating the Finance Minister’s speech having met the public expectations. He also discussed on the various new insertions/amendments in areas of rate of tax and alternating tax regime, angel tax, capital gain exemptions for residential house, taxability of Nil cost assets, disallowance under section 43(b) in case of delay in payment to MSME, taxability of life insurance policies, market linked debentures. The talk also covered other aspects of the Direct Tax Provisions for Charitable trusts, dealing with the refund cases, TDS provisions, assessment provisions, etc. which were part of the Finance Minister’s speech.

CA Pinakin Desai expressed his views on every important tax proposal under the Finance Bill, 2023.

The audience benefitted greatly from his speech. The meeting ended with a huge round of applause and appreciation by the participants.

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The Indirect Tax Committee organised a hybrid Study Circle meeting at the Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society Auditorium on 6th February, 2023The meeting focused on the topic titled ‘Professional Challenges in handling inquiries and recent judicial pronouncements related thereto.’ It was presided by Adv (CA) J. K. Mittal who deliberated on the challenges in handling multiple inquiries and ratio of recent judicial pronouncements. He covered the following aspects in detail

  • Power to summon and give evidence under section 70 with explanation of producing a document and evidence and the time when the same needs to be available


  • Whether a summons constitute an enquiry by itself


  • Judgment of Canon India (P) Ltd of honorable Supreme Court to clarify “the proper officer” does not mean “Any proper officer”


  • Essential ingredients of issuing summons


  • Whether legal opinions provided by chartered accountants lead to aiding or abetting in case of alleged evasion


  • Three factor ingredients of section 67 “claimed ITC + in contravention of any + to evade tax”, its need and necessity to exist before start of investigations, search, seizures


  • Whether cash can be seized during the search


  • Issues in relation to retrospective cancellation of GSTIN


  • Disallowance of mismatched ITC, legality of the said provisions

The two-hour meeting benefitted 73 participants from across who posed several questions to the speaker in the physical as well as virtual mode.



On January 30, 2023, BCAS felicitated the young pass-outs of Chartered Accountancy of the November 2022 batch at a special function held at the BCAS Hall.The felicitation ceremony was preceded by a talk on the subject “Milestone 2.0 – Career in International Tax, Mergers & Acquisition, Start-ups and More” by experts, CA Namita Gad, CA Kinnari Gandhi and CA Siddharth Banwat.

Each expert guided the 180-strong audience on the skillsets and aptitude required for the respective profile job, while sharing some of the challenges faced and how to overcome them. The discussion was appreciated by the young achievers. The experts also answered the questions posed by the the audience at the time of registration. Some basic questions were also taken up at the end of the talk. The entire event was coordinated by the team comprising CA Rimple Dedhia, CA Samit Saraf and CA Vivek Shah.

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The BCAS Taxation Committee organised a Long Duration Certification Course on Income Tax – ‘Income Tax ki Paathshaala’ from 2nd January to 30th January, 2023. The meeting comprised 21 sessions. The key note addressed was delivered by CA TN Mahoraran while the concept and scope of total income was explained by CA Nandkishor Hegde. CA Narendra Jain touched upon the concept of Residence and the income deemed to be achieved or deemed to accrue in India.Other speakers at the event included CA Ronak Doshi, CA Chaitee Londhe, CA Abhitan Mehta, CA Krishna Upadhay, CA Kinjal Bhuta, CA Bhaumik Goda, CA Sonalee Godbole, CA Gautam Nayak, CA Hitesh Gajaria, CA Rutvik Sanghavi, CA Amil Sawant, CA Toral Shah, CA Avinash Rawani, CA Nikhil Tiwari, CA Ashok Mehta, Adv. Rahul Hakani, CA Ameet Patel, CA Anil Sathe and CA Nihar Jambusaria

Attended by 212 participants, the course received an overwhelming response. Each of the participant was given a certificate of participation in the Long Duration Course organized by the Taxation Committee of BCAS.



ITF Study circle meetings were organised on UAE Corporate Tax Regime in two sessions on 6th January 2023 and 25th January 2023.The meeting was led by group leaders CA Janak Panjuani and CA Rajiv Hira from Dubai. The sessions covered the UAE Corporate Tax laws in a holistic manner. The group leaders focused on the basics of corporate taxation, residential status, Permanent Establishment (PE), importance of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance.

Specific concepts pertaining to taxability of unincorporated JV / associations, reliefs to small businesses, exempt income, FTZ etc. along with case laws were discussed in detail to give a better understanding to the participants.

The group leaders also discussed the topics of interest deduction, interest capping rules, non-deductible expenses, tax loss, carry forward of losses and losses adjustment, tax groups, transfer pricing provisions, managerial remuneration, etc.

An interesting round of Q & A with the participants was elaborately addressed by the speakers.


On 16th January, 2023, Ms. Rucha Jog Raheja, Solicitor addressed a session in the Corporate and Commercial Laws study group on the law relating to redevelopment of societies. After dealing with the legal concepts and need for redevelopment, Ms. Jog Raheja gave a brief account of the law relating to deemed conveyance and the drafting mistakes made in the legal documentation governing the rights of parties before, during and after the actual redevelopment. The session addressed many misconceptions and wrong assumptions of the audience. Finally, Ms. Jog Raheja dealt with all the questions asked by the audience. After the session many suggestions were received for more sessions on niche aspects of redevelopment like deemed conveyance, etc. Further sessions focusing on drafting particular contracts relating to redevelopment will also be scheduled. Over 80 participants attended the session and a very strong positive feedback was received from the participants.



The 20th Residential Retreat – “Leadership Skills and Management-The Chanakya Way” was organized by Dr. Radha Krishnan Pillai on 14th and 15th January, 2023 at Keshav Shrusti in Bhayander, Mumbai.Faculties Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai and his colleague Mr. Pranav Patel explained Chanakya’s life and his vow to pull down the Nand Dynasty promising Chandra Gupt Maurya to make him a King and thus proving that leadership is an attitude and not a designation.

Participants were enlightened on the term “Aanvikshiki” (आन्वीक्षिकी) – educating them on how to think using science. This helped them differentiate between chinta and chintan (चिंता और चिंतन में अंतर)  i.e.going to root cause, understanding real problem and find appropriate resolution.

Further they explained Kautilaya “Saptanga” (सप्तांग) – The Seven pillars:

1. स्वामी – The King – Leader

2. अमात्य – The Minister

3. जनपद – The Country – Your Market / Client / Customer

4. दुर्ग – Fortified City – The Head Office

5. कोष -The Treasury

6. दंड – The Army – Your Team

7. मित्र – The Ally – Mentor / Friend / Consultant

All these seven pillars were explained in detail with applying the Saptang model. The faculty also showed them a film based on a book titled ’Corporate Chanakya’ featuring interviews of imminent personalities applying the Saptang model. It also distributed a workbook containing details on The Seven Pillars to find Chanakya in You.

The faculty explained that despite being a thankless job leadership gives utmost inner satisfaction. It also emphasized on documentation, standardization and having a succession plan and to create another leader. Besides, it discussed management lessons from Bhagvad Gita.

Around 38 participants attended the event which included games, singing and dancing in a perfect winter setting and camp fire. The event ended on the second day giving the participants a clarity on the roles and goals in each sphere of life.

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